10 Top Tips to Lower Fat Eating


CARNATION is all about finding nutritious and lower fat ways to enjoy your favourite foods. We believe that food is integral to the happiness of a home, and want families to be able to enjoy the meals they love. So we’ve compiled a handy list of ideas that might help you to keep your family happy and healthy.

1. See you later lattes
The fat in a regular café latte or flat white can quickly add up, especially if you get a large serving. Try skim milk instead of full fat milk, or if you’re really serious about lowering the fat, go for a long black. Don’t forget to watch the sugar too!

2. Love your mustard?
Mustard is full of flavour but low in fat. Use it in place of mayonnaise or butter in sandwiches, or add it to some balsamic vinegar for a tasty salad dressing.

3. Spray your Olive Oil
A dollop of oil here, a splash there – pretty soon it can all add up! An Olive Oil pump spray allows you to add smaller quantities, especially handy when you are preparing a pan.

4. Cut the chips
Potato crisps, corn chips and all their party loving friends contain saturated fats and offer very little nutritional value. An easy way to stay in on the fun is to toast triangles of wholemeal pita bread and serve them with homemade salsa or guacamole.

5. Add some pop
Next time you feel the need for a delicious snack, forget the biscuits and make some plain popcorn with no added butter. It’s perfect for silencing the kids too!

6. Trim the fat
Make a conscious effort with all your meats to trim all visible fat and choose lean cuts wherever possible. Discard chicken and turkey skin. Talk to your butcher about what meats are healthier options.

7. Plus herbs, minus fat
Instead of using heavy gravies and sauces, flavour your food with fresh herbs and spices.

8. Baked, not fried
If your home you can lower the fat content by making and baking family favourites like hot chips. It’s easy too, just cut up some potatoes (King Edwards are a good variety), spray a baking tray with olive oil, lay out the potatoes, spray with a little more oil, and bake until golden brown.

9. Substitute cream in cooking
Lots of great creamy meals, savoury and sweet, have a high fat content due to cream. CARNATION Light & Creamy Cooking Milk has 95% less fat than cream, and you can substitute it into a range of dishes without skimping on taste.

10. Fresh dessert ideas
Get that after dinner sweet treat with a bowl of fresh fruit and low fat yogurt, instead of a higher fat ice cream. Frozen berries work well too, they are convenient and the freezing actually locks in their nutrients.

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