Tips for Healthier Kids' Party Treats


Kids’ parties evoke images of sweets, party pies and fairy bread but they can also be a great opportunity for you to introduce some healthier options without being seen as a party pooper. We’ve put together this list of healthier kids’ treats to put a new spin on an all time favourite event for children.

New Favourites
Meat pies and sausage rolls aren’t the only foods that can be served in “party size” portions. Quiches and meatballs are also great options and can be made using lean mince and reduced fat cheese to create a delicious but healthier alternative to traditional party treats.

Flavours of Asia
Kids are being introduced to a wider variety of cuisines at a younger age these days so why not pick up a platter of mini vegetarian sushi rolls cut into small pieces. They are the perfect size finger food for kids and you might even find the adults helping themselves too!

Fun with Fruit
Lollies will always be a hit at kids’ parties, but fresh fruit can also be a great way to provide sweet treats for the day. Use a variety of different coloured fruits to create rainbow fruit kebabs. Serve with passionfruit yoghurt, which kids can dip their fruit pieces into. For a more indulgent treat that is less mess. Prepare a platter of chopped fruit and serve with pre-dipped chocolate for kids to enjoy.

Sandwich Favourites
Sandwiches are another party favourite but it can be difficult to get children to embrace a wholemeal or wholegrain bread. Preparing sandwiches using white bread with ‘invisible’ fibre is one way around this dilemma or try making sandwiches using one slice of white bread and one slice of wholemeal.

Personal Pizzas
Are you contemplating serving pizza at your next kids’ party? Kids love to assemble things so why not let them create their own personal pizza. Sandwich sized pita bread (wholemeal if you can get it past them); reduced fat cheese and no added salt pizza sauce make for a great ‘healthier’ pizza base. If the party is outdoors, then you can prepare the pizzas ahead of time and cut into mini slices for added fun.

Staying Hydrated
It can be difficult to get children to drink water during the excitement of a party. One way to encourage kids to consume water is to allow them to personalise their cup or bottle. Simply supply a range of stickers (themed or letters) to allow them to create their own signature style. Adding ice-cubes made from frozen fruit juice is also a way to add an element of interest to plain water.

Popcorn for Munching
Crisps are a popular snack to munch on at kids’ parties but if you are looking for a healthier alternative, freshly popped popcorn (with no added salt or butter) makes a great snack. It can either be placed in a communal bowl or you could make up individual serves in small paper bags or small take-away containers.

Cake Time
It is possible to make cake better for you by using healthier ingredients. For example use margarine instead of butter or use a glaze rather than butter-cream icing as it contains considerable less fat. Mini iced cupcakes are also a great way to ensure kids aren’t getting too much of a good thing.

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