What’s the difference between CARNATION and Cream?


How good is creamy food? Spaghetti Carbonara, Beef Stroganoff, Potato Gratin? In fact, most family favourites – the ones the kids are always happy to see pop up on the dinner table - are the creamy ones. But of course we all know that creamy meals are usually high in fat and calories, and shouldn’t be a regular fixture in a wholesome diet.

So what’s the solution?

CARNATION’s range of Cooking Milks, of course! CARNATION can be substituted into most creamy dishes, for a tasty but substantially more nutritious meal.

CARNATION Cooking Milks are basically fresh, Australian milk that has been evaporated, taking away about 60% of the water, but leaving behind virtually all the nutrients of fresh milk, such as calcium.

When you substitute CARNATION Cooking Milk for cream, you instantly reduce the fat and kilojoules of the dish. It’s that easy.

You can see the difference with this Creamy Carbonara Recipe. With this example, the only thing we’ve changed is the cream for CARNATION.
Spaghetti Carbonara with Cream
2827 kilojoules (per 247g serve)
44.5 grams of fat

Spaghetti Carbonara with CARNATION Creamy Cooking Milk
2171 kilojoules(per 247g serve)
22.8 grams of fat

Spaghetti Carbonara with CARNATION Light & Creamy Cooking Milk
1989 kilojoules(per 247g serve)
17.7 grams of fat

So basically, by substituting CARNATION Creamy Cooking Milk or Light & Creamy Cooking Milk, you can serve your family their favourite creamy dishes regularly, knowing that you’re giving them a healthier meal. We’ve got a bunch of recipes that use CARNATION Cooking Milks to create delicious, creamy dishes with less fat.

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