Irish Cream Panna Cotta

  • cooking time
    5 m
  • calories per serve
    205 cal
  • serves
1 can (375ml)
NESTLÉ CARNATION creamy evaporated milk
2 tbsp
caster sugar
2 tsp
2 tbsp
boiling water
1 tbsp
irish cream liqueur
fresh berries to serve, if desired


  1. combine NESTLÉ CARNATION creamy evaporated milk and sugar in a saucepan. stir over low heat until sugar has dissolved; remove from heat.

  2. dissolve gelatine in water, stir into warm milk mixture with irish cream.

  3. pour mixture into 4 individual greased moulds or serving dishes and allow to cool.

  4. cover and refrigerate until set.

  5. turn panna cotta out onto serving plates. if desired serve with berries.

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