White Choc Cheesecake Bunnies

  • serves
90 g
plaistowe premium white choc melted
3 tsp
2 tbsp
boiling water
375 g
light cream cheese softened
300 ml
light thickened cream
1/2 cup
Nestlé sweetened condensed milk (125ml)
2 cups
Nestlé milk melts (300g)


  1. grease and line 21cm square cake pan. combine gelatine boiling water; stir rapidly until gelatine dissolves; cool for 5 minutes.

  2. beat the cream cheese, and nestlÉ sweetened condensed milk in a medium bowl with an electric mixer, add thickened cream and beat until smooth; add gelatine mixture and plaistowe premium white choc.

  3. pour mixture into prepared pan; smooth top. cover cheesecake; refrigerate for about 3 hours or until set. once set using bunny-shaped cutters, carefully cut bunny shapes from cheesecake. (tip: dip your cutter in icing sugar mixture to make it easier to remove shapes)

  4. meanwhile, place an 80cm sheet of baking paper on clean dry kitchen bench; spread nestlÉ milk melts into a 60cm x 30cm rectangle baking paper; stand at room temperature about five minutes or until almost set. using bunny-shaped cutters, cut bunny shapes from chocolate; refrigerate.

  5. sandwich cheesecake bunnies together with chocolate bunnies.